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Company Formation in UAE

Investing in the digital future and resources.

Company Formation in UAE

Company formation in Dubai is a simple step-by-step process and does not require endless visits to a lawyer at every juncture of company formation. The procedures for company formation in Dubai are recognized to be legal and it includes the registration of the company name and licensing of business activity. We are professional Dubai Company Formation specialists with solid ethics, providing world-class customer service. Our highly trained team of Dubai Company Formation and UAE company formation professionals ensure that we provide prompt and efficient service, guaranteeing you a no problem transaction.

We help you with Dubai Company Formation

Dubai also developed into a prime jurisdiction for international business, with a good reputation, unlike all other jurisdictions without income taxes. Whatever your financial objectives, bring them to us and we make sure you achieve them. Whether you’re looking to pay less tax, wish to establish a Dubai company formation, bank account, safeguard business, set up a Dubai virtual office, or become immune to over-regulation, it’s almost certain that your aspirations can be fulfilled. After we have identified what you need, we will be able to quickly continue with your company formation in Dubai.


Mainland Business Setup Dubai

•Local & International Trade allowed
•Office required
•Visa provided
•51% shareholding held by local U.A.E. national except for professional licenses, where 100% shareholding is allowed


Free Zone Business Setup Dubai

•International Trade is allowed and local U.A.E. trade is possible only through a local distributor
•Office or Virtual Office required
•Visa provided
•100 % Foreign shareholding allowed and no local sponsor required


Offshore Company Formation in UAE

•Only International Trade allowed
•No office required
•No Visa provided
•100% Foreign shareholding allowed and no local sponsor required

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