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Dubai Mainland

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Dubai Mainland companies are formed to provide services to the local UAE market, Mainland companies can be formed for trading, Professional Services, manufacturing, or travel agency services. There are many reasons to set up or expand your business in Dubai Mainland. Dubai has a stable and favorable business environment and other side Dubai has a financially stable economy.  Real Estate, Tourism, retailing, manufacturing, trading, and Services industries are adding a lot to Dubai’s economy. Dubai Government policies are always in the favor of businessmen, which pushes businesses based in Dubai at full speed. And this is the reason that Dubai has become an international business hub in the middle east.

Limited Liability Company: Conditions and Procedure for its Incorporation and Inscription. Some of the companies with trading and manufacturing activities must be registered as per LLC structure but few activities must be 100% owned by UAE nationals such as real estate.

Dubai Mainland was established according to the following conditions:


  1. The number of partners should not be less than two and not more than fifty.
  2. The objects of the company should not include conducting the business of insurance, banking, or investment of money for others.
  3. As per new regulations, the initial capital need not be deposited in a bank. Hence, a bank certificate is not required.  The minimum capital is not specified.
  4. The share of the UAE sponsor should not be less than 51% of the capital of the company (taking into consideration the business activities reserved for nationals). The incorporation of such a firm shall be according to the following procedures.


Limited Liability License Issuing and Approving Authority

Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) for approving a new company in Dubai.


The Memorandum of Association shall be organized, prepared, and signed in the Notary so that the name of the company is the same as the one which has already been approved by the Department of Economic Development.  Special clauses will be added to safeguard the interests of the local partner and the expatriate partner.

Advantages of LLC (Mainland Company):


  • Dubai Mainland companies can provide services and sell products to Dubai’s local market as well as other emirates of UAE.
  • Dubai Mainland Companies can also sell their products and services to the international market.
  • Dubai mainland companies can work with a governmental organization.
  • Dubai Mainland Companies can operate from any part of Dubai.
  • Dubai Mainland companies can open a bank account with any UAE bank.


Professional Company setup procedures and advantages:


Now ex-pats can get 100% ownership by setting up a professional license in Dubai Mainland (DED). There are certain activities listed under professional licenses such as various types of constancy activities and services activities.

Professional companies registered under DED have to appoint ‘UAE National’ as a local service agent.




  • 100% ownership
  • 0% Tax on profits earned
  • Dubai based License – Free to do business  Mainland, Free Zones, and Outside UAE
  • Brand name and recognized worldwide
  • Cost-effective and hassle-free setup
  • Does not require office space
  • Easier to open bank accounts
  • 4 visa quotas available
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